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Hello hello hello/Are you out there?

All of my best ideas started out as somebody else’s ideas.

I’m not the most super-creative amazing person on the planet, and that’s been an important realization for me in the past couple of years. While I’m not very good at creating something out of nothing, I’ve become pretty strong at creating connections between things that turn into something that at least looks creative.

Picture by Diana Marcus

Hi, I’m Dan Callahan. You may know me from my work with Edcamps. You might also know me from my job as a K-5 Technology Specialist, or my previous one as a Special Educator. You might follow me on Twitter or were one of the people who read my sporadically updated old blog.


I don’t know about you, but I love Mashup songs and videos. It’s the very idea of taking ideas and mixing them together to create something both new and not-new that makes my heart sing in ways I don’t always understand. They can give me appreciation even for bits of music that I would never otherwise deign to listen to. Here’s a great example by DJ Earworm:

It’s just a wonderful mixture of a variety of influences, put together using modern tools  in a unique way that produces an entirely new product.

I think that great teachers do the same thing in their classrooms every single day.

Lots of people ask why we became teachers, but I think the more important questions is how we became teachers. It’s the work of a lifetime, becoming a good educator. Let’s share with each other how we’re getting there.

This blog will be made of long-form pieces written by myself (and hopefully others) that I’m going to refer to as Mixes. I want to document the influences, tools, processes, and products that go into improving the practice of teaching. There will also be short-form pieces I’m going to call Samples that are quick links or embeds of things that interest me and are informing my current thinking.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to put together some Mixes on each of the main subjects areas of this blog as a base level of understanding. Then I’m going to invite other people to play in my sandbox.

I hope you’ll join me.

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