Hacked By Imam

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Hacked By Imam with Love

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Google Drive Workflows for the iPad

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My presentation from today’s EdTechTeam Summit featuring Google Apps for Education.

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I travelled all over the world in 2013, but the best place I went was the hospital

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2013 was pretty much the best year of my life yet, both personally and professionally. Check out all of the places I got to go: I started off the year going to San Francisco! I love this city. While there, I visited Alcatraz. I was in town for the amazing Intersection Event. I visited Intel, Google, and Apple HQs while I was there. I went for the 5th year in a row to EduCon. I took a bunch of people on a tour of the great city of Philadelphia. We went to Ben Franklin’s Privy! These are the kinds of things you only get on my tour of Philly, people! For February vacation this year, I got a really sweet Groupon, so my wife and I flew out to Dublin for five days....

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Updated Disclosure: Working for Edutopia

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I’m glad to announce that starting today, I’m working part time as a Community Facilitator for Edutopia. I’ll be spending a few hours a week on the site commenting on blogposts and doing my best to answer people’s questions. As a part of this work, I may sometimes reach out to people in my network with links to Edutopia articles and discussion threads. I’ve updated my disclosure policy to reflect...

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DoInk Green Screen App is going to blow your mind #ipaded

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UPDATE: AVAILABLE NOW FOR $2.99!¬†Green Screen by Do Ink for iPad on the App Store on iTunes. I’ve been very pleased to have the chance to beta test the upcoming DoInk Green Screen app for the iPad. It’s in a word, phenomenal. It’s the best of what makes technology so delightful. It just works, and produces great results with very little effort. I think people are going to love it to pieces. I might do more of a full-scale run-through/preview when the app gets released in the app store (sometime in the next week or two, Apple willing). As a preview of coming attractions, though, here’s the test video I made last...

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I worry #edchat

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I worry. Some of the best teachers I know are frustrated. These are the teachers most willing to experiment. They’re trying out new models of class structure. They’re introducing technology in incredibly powerful ways. These are also the teachers that are asking the most important questions about teaching and learning. They’re looking to have serious conversations about our goals for our students. They want to talk about how we teach in order to meet those goals. They want to know whether or not we can actually tell if our students are learning. And they’re feeling like roadblocks are being thrown in their way at every turn. Sometimes the...

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