Learn with me this Fall!

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Whoa! We’re into the middle of October, which means that the next six weeks or so are going to be in. sane. Here’s where I plan to be until I go on lockdown for the babies’ arrival! Join me! October 19 – Edcamp Seacoast, Portsmouth, NH October 23/24 – MassCUE, Foxborough, MA (presenting) October 24 – Diane Ravitch, Cambridge, MA October 26 – Edcamp Rhode Island, Providence, RI October 26 (also!) – Edcamp Online October 28 – Edcamp TIE, Cambridge, MA November 2 – Edcamp Lesley, Cambridge, MA November 15/16 – American Association of School Librarians,National Conference, Hartford, CT (presenting) November...

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Disclosure policy

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While in conversation today with a fellow blogger, I realized that since I moved my blog here to Remix Teaching, I haven’t posted a disclosure policy. In the interests of complete transparency, I believe that it’s very important that all bloggers disclose when their opinions might in some way be compromised. Since the last time I did this, I’ve built up an increasing web of schools that have hired me to do private consultation, conferences that have provided me with financial benefits and/or free entrance to events, and developers who have offered me free access to apps and services. While I have not nor do I ever plan to accept money or free things in...

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nErD Talk with Nick and Dan – Batman

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I got to talk today with Nick Provenzano about my Teach like Batman post. It was fun.

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Permission to Fail #leadershipday13

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  Administrators, do you want to unlock the true potential of your staff? Do you want them to blow you away with the amazing quality of their work? Then I have a simple solution for you: Give them permission to fail. Three years ago, when I was interviewing for my current job, the one thing I insisted that I was looking for was a set of administrators who would allow me to fail. I knew even then that if I were in a an environment where failure would be tolerated to some degree, I wouldn’t just succeed, I would thrive. Three years later, here I am. I have had some stumbles along the way. I’ve made mistakes and the kids have made plenty as well under my...

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A simple set of #edcamp kickoff slides

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In doing my part to make things a little bit easier for Edcamp organizers, here’s my slide deck that I use to kickoff an event. Please feel free to copy and remix to suit your own Edcamp.

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Teach like Batman

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Laura Thomas at Edcamp Keene asked one of my absolutely favorite questions of the whole thing during her Becoming Badass session (coming soon to a bookshelf near you!): Who are your fictional role models? What are the things they do that help you become a better teacher? The very first name that came to my mind was Batman. While I think Spider-Man’s morality (“With great power must come…great responsibility!”) has always spoken to me, and he’s always been the most relatable superhero because of his essential humanity (amazing that I would identify with a nerd hiding something amazing, isn’t it?), he still has superpowers that I can...

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