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#edcamp is turning 3: a shared responsibility

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We’re in the thick of the spring Edcamp season right now, and just weeks away from Edcamp’s big third birthday. Next weekend I’m thrilled to be a part of the organizing committee yet again for Edcamp Boston. But something’s been brewing in my mind for some time, and this post here definitely helped crystallize my thoughts and spurred me to writing. Here’s the deal: people all over the place have been saying they love Edcamp. Lots of people are looking for support in rolling their own in their neck of the woods. Which is awesome, and why we created the Edcamp Foundation. But Edcamp itself is bigger than the Foundation. It’s all of us,...

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Short article about #edcamp in ATIA Newsletter

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Unfortunately for those of us in more specialist areas, it’s pretty rare when district-provided professional development actually meets our needs. In my eight years as a special educator, I was frequently assigned to attend professional development sessions on curricula that had nothing to do with my classroom or to learn about resources and strategies that were new to my general education colleagues but quite familiar to me. via ATIA Newsletter “AT Leadership”. See? Sometimes I do write stuff!

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My school does the Harlem Shake

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We put up a lot of great stuff on our YouTube Channel (like, say, these Book Trailers for Mystery Novels), but sometimes we also post ridiculous videos for a meme of the moment.

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#edcamp553 at Harvard

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I’m pretty excited to be speaking tomorrow at Karen Brennan’s Teacher Learning and Technology class at Harvard. She invited me back in January, and after we figured I could hang out for a couple of hours, determined that we would run a mini-Edcamp during class so the students in HGSE’s Master’s program can get the unconference experience. Below I’ve embedded my slide deck that I’ll be using for the kickoff to a very fast-paced 80 minute sprint of an Edcamp. edcamp553 by Dan Callahan Since this is an Edcamp, it’s free to all. In the Cambridge area tomorrow at 5? Come by Larsen Hall 214 to experience Edcamp...

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Creating Graphic Novels in First Grade

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Pine Glen Library & Technology Center ยป Creating Graphic Novels in First Grade. As a long-time comic book reader, I really enjoyed doing this project. Follow the link to see the process for creating these. Pine Glen Graphic Novel Issue...

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